Bake Yourself Happy

Most of us bakers already know how happy we feel in the kitchen, but the adorable new cookbook Bake Yourself Happy: Recipes for Delicious Bakes with a Dollop of Joy (Mobius, 2022) is a great reminder. By Steph Blackwell, a 2019 contestant on The Great British Baking Show, this new release 50 recipes that will put a smile on your face. Doughnuts, gingerbread, sticky buns—we’re in! This book has a decidedly British flare to it, so know in advance that it has weighted measurements (grams and ounces) and doesn’t have the American translations for ingredients. That doesn’t make it complicated by any means. You just have to know that plain flour means all-purpose, etc. But once you do the conversion, you’ll be on your way to baking yourself happy.

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