French Pastry Made Simple

In 2013, Molly Wilkinson followed her passion for pastry by studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After graduating, she spent time working in pastry shops across the United States and France, as well as chateaux, cooking schools and French farmhouses, learning as much as she could about the art of fine pastry. Today, Molly teaches small, private classes at her home in Versailles, and she’s taking the next step in her pastry journey with her debut cookbook, French Pastry Made Simple: Foolproof Recipes for Éclairs, Tarts, Macarons and More (Page Street Publishing, Co: June 8, 2021; $22.99).

In this book, Molly helps readers unleash their inner pastry chef with approachable recipes for all their French favorites by taking the most essential techniques and making them easy for home bakers. The result is a collection of simple, key recipes that open up the world of French pastry. With friendly, detailed directions and brilliant shortcuts, bakers can recreate a variety of pastries that are found in every Paris pastry shop. We’re looking forward to making the Blackberry Tart with Honey and Hazelnuts, the Strawberry Frasier, Coconut-Peach Génoise Cake and her Rolled Raspberry Mousse Cake (recipe here). This lovely book is a go-to guide with all the reicpes, tips and tricks needed to master the art of French pastry, right in your own home.

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