In Frosted: Take Your Baked Goods to the Next Level with Decadent Buttercreams, Meringues, Ganaches and More (Page Street Publishing, Co.; June, 2021) Bernice Baran, founder of Baran Bakery, shows readers how to craft 60 indulgent, over-the-top frosted treats from impressive layer cakes and easy sheet cakes to fun cookies, bars, brownies and more―all with creative custom toppings. “Frosting is a topic that can be intimidating, because there are so many types to learn about, each with its specific rules and challenges. Some frostings are similar and can be used interchangeably, but some are completely unique and only work under certain conditions,” says Baran in the introduction. “Fueled by my curiosity and a desire to learn how to successfully make and use the most popular kinds of frostings, I experimented with each kind. In the process, I discovered the nuances of whipping up buttercreams, meringues, ganaches, creams and cream cheese frostings.” With the help of Bernice’s expert insight, readers will learn how to make popular options like buttercream, meringue, cream cheese frosting and ganache using her go-to base frosting recipes and foolproof tips and tricks. They will also learn which option makes the perfect addition to each dessert and occasion in her Frosting 101 section, which breaks down the different flavors, textures and characteristics of each topping and what it pairs best with. Never again will runny, overheated frosting mar a beautifully decorated cake or deflated whipped cream ruin the presentation of a dessert. Perfect for beginner bakers, serious enthusiasts and even pastry pros, Frosted provides readers with all the info necessary to frost and fill the perfect cake or baked treat.

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