Middle Eastern Sweets

Salma Hage, author of the new book Middle Eastern Sweets: Desserts, Pastries, Creams & Treats (Phaidon, 2021), comes from the mountains of the Kadisha Valley in Northern Lebanon, and learned to cook from her mother, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law and from having helped bring up her nine brothers and two sisters. In this book, Hage brings together classic recipes from her childhood and discoveries from people she’s met during her 50 years of cooking. It includes popular classics such as baklava, halva and rice pudding as well as refreshing sorbets, indulgent ice creams, stuffed pancakes and orange-blossom cupcakes. Traditional recipes include Bazarek (Syrian sesame and pistachio biscuits); M’hanncha (a phyllo pie, shaped to resemble a coiled serpent); and Om Ali (Eypgtian bread pudding, flavored with rose water and pistachios). We’ve got our eyes on Hage’s recipe for Booza, a popular frozen treat with a unique, stretchy consistency similar to mozzarella cheese. This book is ideal for home cooks and serious baking enthusiasts who want to expand their repertoire with inspiring recipes infused with the flavors, aromas and cultural traditions of the Middle East.  

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