After years of teaching in renowned pastry schools around the world, pastry chefs and friends Vinesh Johny and Andrés Lara have experienced pastries and desserts from Singapore to Stockholm, and lots of places in between. Inspired by the amazing treats they tasted while traveling, the duo decided to create a collection of recipes that is an exciting mash-up of their favorites from around the world. New-School Sweets: Old-School Pastries with an Insanely Delicious Twist (Page Street Publishing, 2021; $22.99) is just as the title suggests: a compilation of over 70 recipes for desserts and pastries that combine classic techniques with surprising flavor combinations and contemporary tricks that the chefs use to make these pastries their own. French classics get a makeover in recipes such as Saffron Milk Brioche, Rocky Chocolate Financier and Cinnamon Roll Créme Brûlée, and there are unexpected bursts of flavor in desserts like the Szechuan Peppercorn Hazelnut Tart and Pandan Pumpkin Chiffon. This book is perfect for home cooks and serious enthusiasts who want to up their baking and dessert game with fresh and inspiring recipes from two top pastry chefs.

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