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Winner of The Great British Bake Off 2018 and GBBO New Year Special 2020, Rahul Mandal won the hearts of the nation with his self-deprecating, shy demeanor as he quietly baked his way to glory with some of the most stunning creations the show has seen. A research scientist by day, Rahul spends his spare time practicing his baking, painting and gardening. In Showstopping Cakes (Kyle Books, 2022), a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful cakes, Rahul shares his unique approach to baking, focusing on techniques and scientific explanations to ensure a perfect bake every time. Whether it is how to avoid a curdled cake batter or buttercream, stacking a two-, three- or eight-tier cake or perfectly piping decorations, Rahul brings insight into why things don’t work and how to fix them. He also discusses how to achieve the perfect flavor pairing, the different elements of cake fillings and decorating techniques, as well as how to make some of the most popular cakes from his Instagram feed, including drip cakes, fault-line cakes and a geode cake. Since his victory on the UK’s most famous baking show in 2018, Rahul has been honing his skills further, combining his scientific knowhow with his artistic talents to create bakes that are not only delicious but also things of beauty This is the handbook that Rahul wishes he’d had when he started baking and should be the book that all aspiring bakers turn to when they want to create a cake for a special occasion.

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