Simply Sweet Nostalgic Bakes

Emma Duckworth is the creator of Emma Duckworth Bakes, a baking blog devoted to beautiful desserts, and she’s just released a new book, Simply Sweet Nostalgic Bakes: 55 Elegant Takes on Comfort Classics (Page Street Publishing, Co., 2021; $21.99). Each of the recipes in this collection have been carefully crafted to evoke comforting memories of days gone by, while lending irresistible depths of flavor to even the most familiar desserts. As Emma puts it, “I believe that our life is broken down into a multitude of personal and individual experiences that together form the pages of nostalgia within ourselves. It’s this trip down memory lane and flashbacks into our past that provide the foundation for who we are as bakers.” Recipes that we’re looking forward to trying include Emma’s Spelt Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies (made with browned butter); Orange Blossom-Thyme Madeleines; Tropical Mango and Coconut Froyo; and Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles. So, take a trip down a memory lane by eating your way through some (or all!) the nostalgic desserts featured in this lovely new book.

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