Sweets For Your Sweet: The Best Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Nothing says “I love you” more than something made from scratch. Whether it be decadent layers of chocolate or simple heart shaped cookies, when it’s made with love, it shines through in the final product. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes for you to try this Valentine’s Day, whether it be for your significant other, friends or family, or even yourself. Give one a try and let us know how much it filled your heart with joy!

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Hand Pies

Pink, red and heart shaped, how can you go wrong? Made with simple ingredients, these adorable little strawberry-filled heart hand pies from Flour and Floral are perfect holiday bites. She gives plenty of options for decorating, so make them as unique and as personalized as you want.

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cream Puffs

Red Velvet is perfectly hued for Valentine’s Day, so why not make it extra special? These cream puffs from Duhlicious take it to the next level by making a choux pastry hybrid and piping them into heart shapes. She fills them with a traditional luscious pastry cream and voila! A great holiday interpretation of a classic.

Raw Raspberry Almond Mousse Cake

Though technically not a Valentine’s Day recipe, there’s something so romantic about raspberries. This recipe from Chocolate for Basil is raw and vegan, made with whole, unprocessed ingredients like medjool dates and raw nuts. Yet the final result is decadent and satisfying, something surely anyone could love.

Heart Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love a simple sugar cookie? Dress it up with a dip of dark chocolate and some festive sprinkles and you’ve got yourself something a little fancier to celebrate. These heart cookies from Dinner at the Zoo are as straightforward as you can get, but turn out an impressive result no matter your level of baking experience.

Chocolate Lover’s Mousse Cake

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, that’s something we can’t say no to on Valentine’s Day here at Pastry at Home. Yet, the combination of airy chocolate mousse and a delicate chiffon cake are surprisingly light, so saying yes to another slice won’t weigh you down. Make it in a heart-shaped mold to keep on theme or make it in a round ring or springform pan for any time of the year!

Valentine’s Raspberry Cake

Bedecked with white chocolate hearts, this pretty cake was created by John from one of our favorite sites, Preppy Kitchen. The moist white cake layers are studded with tart raspberries and sandwiched with a white chocolate buttercream, and a soft pink ombré of Italian meringue buttercream covers the exterior of this impressive cake, which is, literally, a labor of love.

Red Velvet Cake in a Jar

Created by Elizabeth of Sugar Hero!, these miniature Red Velvet Cakes in a Jar are both highly portable and highly adorable, and a great way to bake your way into your loved ones’ hearts. The red velvet layers are sandwiched with a strawberry cream cheese frosting, and the ratio of frosting to cake can be customized to your preference. For really special loved ones, you can go town on the lids and decorate them with more hearts and extra bling.

Chocolate Valentine’s Sandwich Cookies

Glory from Glorious Treats created these delectable heart-shaped chocolate sandwich cookies, and we are officially in love. The tender chocolate cookies are rolled out, baked and filled with with a Maraschino cherry buttercream, but Glory also offers a few alternative frosting flavors. The pink and white sprinkles that adorn the sides turn these simple cookies into a heartfelt treat.

Strawberry and White Chocolate Valentine’s Swiss Roll

Looking for a Valentine’s Day dessert that is not only the essence of romance, but it also vegan? Holly Jade from The Little Blog of Vegan has come to the rescue with her Strawberry and White Chocolate Valentine’s Swiss Roll. The pink-hued sponge is filled with a strawberry buttercream, along with goji berries and almonds, and coated with more buttercream, dairy-free white chocolate drizzle, and freeze-dried strawberry pieces. Sweet, fruity, light AND vegan – a romantic dessert that ticks all the boxes.

Valentine’s Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Tart

This Valentine’s dessert from Pastry at Home celebrates the magic combination of chocolate and raspberries, in sophisticated tart form. The tart shell is made from a tender dark chocolate sablé dough, which is spread with raspberry jam after baking. The truffle filling is a dense dark chocolate custard, baked so that it is set around the edges, yet slightly wobbly in the center. Jam-coated raspberries line the top edge of this pretty tart, and miniature hearts made from sable dough scraps are the finishing touch. I mean really, what’s not to love?

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