The One-Bowl Baker

If you love to bake, but hate overly fussy recipes that leave your kitchen looking like it was hit with a tornado, we’ve got a book for you.  The One-Bowl Baker (Page Street Publishing, 2022; $21.99) by Stephanie Simmons (founder of the food blog Blue Bowl Recipes) is a collection of recipes that are ideal for bakers with limited time or counter space – or both. As the title suggests, every recipe in this book is made in one bowl, and none require extra steps such as separating wet and dry ingredients. So, you can throw together a quick recipe such as Gooey S’mores Brownies with Toasted Marshmallows on a weekday or impress your guests with a Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart or a Brown Sugar and Bourbon Cherry Crisp. There are also one-bowl savory options, like No-Knead Cheddar and Thyme Bread or Tomato Galette with Asiago and Gouda. With Stephanie’s time-saving tips and tricks, making desserts from scratch can be as simple and easy as making something from a boxed mix – but a whole lot more delicious.

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